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Europe, Africa, Asia, United States, Australia... In exploring the world of the food supplements for almost 10 years, we have come to the same conclusion around the entire world : the food suplements are sometimes difficult to understand, often binding, and the most of the time sad !

Solenn et MatthieuBecause we think that the consumer should understand what he buys,

Because taking care of yourself and your well-being shouldn't be a constraint,

and because we believe that a good mood is a step towards health,

we have created AB Activ’ LABORATOIRE...


All our products are:

-        without GMOs

-        without chemical preservatives

-        without artificial coloring

-        without chemical sweetener

-        without chemical excipient

and the french manufacturing guarantees that your packet of food supplement will not have been around the world before to arrive to your home !

To know more about our Vitamin C and our ethical vision, go to our article "Our vitamins are really natural !"

These guaranties give us some constraints about the disponibilities of the raw materials, usable ingredients and the length of the development period. This is why you can find a limited number of different products on our website for the moment.

These guaranties also show our commitment to offer you products of quality, using sure and tracable raw materials, fabricated in local and certificated factories, assuring quality, security and tracability of the products.

Because we also believe in the need to develop the local economy, we work as most as possible with local partners.


Who is Ludic’h ? Ludich

The Hermine from Britanny who changes his bristles but not his natural !

Ludic’h is our sherpa : he supports our projects, our values and our good mood.

Ludic’h is a well-informed consumer of food supplements: he appears on all our products AB Activ to help you to understand them.

Ludic’h is a storyteller: he educates on health and nutrition.

Ludic’h is our avatar : he lives in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for a more informal approach of AB Activ, of the organic world and of food supplements...


For all your questions, contact the custumer service : Call the +33 (0)2 23 48 56 71

or write to us:

AB Activ' LABORATOIRE, B.P. 54 138, 35341 Liffré Cedex - FRANCE


AB Activ' LABORATOIRE, Agrocampus OUEST,  65 rue de St Brieuc – CS 84215, 35042 Rennes Cedex - FRANCE


Have a good visit on our website…