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Our quality commitment


The quality wins itself in the fields…


Our quality commitment : from the conception to the commercialization.





From the beginning of the raw material selection used for our products, we ensure ourself about the quality and the tracability of the products. We master our key vegetal chain, sometimes from the fruits productor.

Then, all our recipes meet the highest requirements from the European Food Safety Authority, in particular concerning the nutrition claims made in the labelling which are validated by scientific experts. Discover the quality of our 100% natural Vitamin C: click here !

The manufacturing is done exclusively in France, in factories working in the respect of the good practices of fabrication, certified ISO 22000, which ensure a impeccable quality and a total tracability respecting the highest standards of the food security.

Our mastery of one part of the supply chain gives us the opportunity to limitate the number of participants and to conserve a "short" circuit from the productor to the consumer. Learn more about the conception of our food supplements...

The introduction on the market of each one of our products is approved by the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF in French).