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From « tree» to «store» : How does AB Activ Laboratoire design, manufacture and distribute its organic food supplements?

The selection of the ingredients

The development

The manufacturing

The selection of the ingredients is the key step of the development of one organic food supplement: like in a kitchen recipe "good ingredients produce a good meal"; of course we also need a good cook but we will see this in the development part...

We have chosen to work with organic ingredients because this represents the guaranty of a production which is respectfull of the environment. It is also the guaranty of a transformation method of the raw material without using solvents and others chemical products.

Apart from being organic, the ingredients are selected for their natural content in phytoactives because this is it which guarantee the final efficacity of the food supplement.

From this step, our ingredients will have passed a serie of strict controls : checking of the physico-chemical quality, content in actives, control of the origin...

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After the selection of the ingredients, it is the know-how of the "cook" which begins to be important : how to obtain a pill which contains all the good quantity of each ingredient and... later, that has a good taste and pleasant "crunchy" aspect... that's what we call "formulation".

An organic food supplement is more complicated to realize than one traditionnal. The chemical components traditionally used, like compression excipients and coatings which will not be used in our proucts, bring us to find others natural solutions.

Dozens of trials will be necessary to validate all the parameters and many controls will be done to ensure ourself about the quality of the products but also to check if the precious phytoactives present in the raw materials have not been damaged by the manufacturing process.

Once the recipe of the prototype is validated, the respect of the entire organic contract document is checked by an independant certifying body (like Ecocert for example) and the conformity to all the other regulatory measures and so the autorization to commercialize is done by the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control.

Our recipe will be duplicated as many times as pills will be fabricated: this is the production. Obtaining a pill is "simply" compacting all the ingredients thanks to machines which exert a strong mechanical pressure and it does so by respecting all the norms of food security.

All our ingredients will be controled before use. The final products are also analized to control all the quality criteria.

Following this, our pills are packaged and sent directly to the different distribution places and then, they will finally exert the noble function of organic nutritional supplement efficient and... with good taste !