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Why should we consume nutritional supplements ?

« The National Nutrition Health Program », « Eat well-Be well », « 5 a day »…all these government programmes of orientation and nutritional advice all agree about the fact that it is important to eat well, not too sweet, not too salty, not too greasy, and to consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables by day! Not so easy in our actual lifestyle... and especially, not so easy to do each day.

What is the consequence if we do not take in account these pieces of advice from scientists over the world ? It is not something immediatly visible... but in the long run, it is the diversity of the phyto-nutrients which we miss. However, they are essential for the proper functionning of our body. And many of them can not be delivered by our body, and so need to be provided by what we eat.

The consumption of food supplements can not be and should not to be a substitute to a varied and balanced diet. These supplements stay precious allies which provide the phyto-nutrients essential to the proper functionning of the body.

What is better that to take them in the form the closest as possible from the original matrix of the fruits or vegetable, without chemical products associated?...