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What is making the difference ?

Among the values defended by our company, the commitment is probably the one we are the most proud of.

Commitment means responsability, because we always have the choice to do things right.

- Responsability under the ingredients implemented

- Responsability in the formulation

- Responsability in the choice of partners.

So, it is our duty as a manufacturer of food supplements to master the supply chain of our ingredients and to limitate the number of intermediaries. The acerola we use is from Brazil but we know by whom it is cultivated and how: our local partner has put in place the principle of dynamics, has achieved the organic certification and DEMETER, which rewards for a great environmental and societal implication. Then, we transform in France this acerola in a powder form usable for a garantee of perfect quality and tracability.

The vitamin C present in our products is truly 100% natural and 100% from the usable fruits. We don't want to add ascorbic acid produced who knows where and naming this one like a so-called "Vitamin C with a natural origin"...

We constrain ourself to formulate our food supplements just with what is necessary, our list of ingredients is as shorter as possible to have a full effectiveness and a perfect harmlessness: no preservatives, no color additive, artificial flavouring, no chemical dessicants...

Trust is the indispensable link that we want to establish with our clients: there is no health without trust..

To know more about :
- our quality commitment
- the conception of our food supplements